Once you are part of the XLR8 Athletix community, your membership is honored at all locations through our XLR8 Athletix Drop-in program. So, if you have an unlimited membership (not a punch card) you can drop in at any location for free.

Membership Programs For XLR8 Athletix  - m4CrossFit Membership

Our CrossFit membership is an unlimited monthly membership. You can go to any class you want including Bootcamp. The prerequisite is that you complete our Onramp Program, which is five personal training sessions (60 minute sessions). Once you have completed the Onramp you can participate in CrossFit classes. 

Membership Programs For XLR8 Athletix  - m3Bootcamp Membership

Our Bootcamp only membership is an unlimited monthly membership . Bootcamp members can join any Bootcamp class at any location. 

Membership Programs For XLR8 Athletix  - m2Punch Cards

Our Punch Cards are specific to a location and are not transferred to other locations or other people. This card can be used for any class, but punch card holders cannot do CrossFit unless they have been through the OnRamp program.

Membership Programs For XLR8 Athletix  - m1Annual Membership

Our Annual membership is a discounted unlimited membership (non-transferable and non-refundable)

Membership Programs For XLR8 Athletix  - bestchoice2Personal Training Packages

Personal Training Packages (2-days/week or 3-days/week) Members who choose these options will pay monthly, and includes personal training 2 or 3 days per week PLUS up to 3 additional days of class training or open gym work. This is geared toward individuals with specific goals, and by far the best offering we have. 

Before we tell you how competitive our prices are, let’s get to know each other. Call us at (888) 508-XLR8 to discuss your fitness goals and how XLR8 can help you achieve them!

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